Dr. Jenn Kirby is a composer, performer, lecturer and music technologist. Jenn works as the Programme Leader for MA Music at the University of the West of Scotland. Her output includes contemporary instrumental composition, electroacoustic music, sound art, noise music, experimental-pop, laptop orchestra performance and solo live electronics. Her work has been performed in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, the United States and Mexico. 

Jenn is very active in the performance of electronic music as a performer and a sofware developer. She builds software and re-purposes controllers as musical interfaces to create and perform theatrical and often humourous live electronic music. 

Jenn is the President of the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association. She is founder and director of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra, a founding member of the Dublin Laptop Orchestra and a committee member of the Association of Irish Composers

Jenn holds PhD in Composition from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in Music Technology from the University of Limerick, a BSc in Software Development from Limerick Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Teaching and Learning Support. 

Listen to Jenn's debut album release

 "This release by composer and electronic artist Jenn Kirby doesn’t fit neatly into any category, but perhaps best aligns with a contemporary outlook in its sense of adventure and experimentalism. At its heart is Kirby’s voice, speaking lines of text, which are then processed with vocoders and delays – the effect being sometimes as if a malfunctioning AI had grabbed it and run wild, with bubbles of digital sound popping up to compete with the layered delays. The result is a strangely compelling collection of tracks." - The Journal of Music 

Listen to Jenn's EP release under the alias of Cyted: