Zooming: Ireland - koncert w Poznaniu

February 28, 2015

Moments was performed by Sepia Ensemble in Aula Nova, Poznań (28.02.2015) alongside other works from Irish composers: Mary Kelly, Siobhan Cleary, John McLachlan, Grainne Mulvey, Enda Bates, John Buckley, Judith Ring, Ed Bennett and Andrew Hamilton.

The Zooming: Ireland project organized by Sepia Ensemble, SONORA and Association of Irish Composers is in its intention an attempt at introducing Irish contemporary music to Polish listeners and the newest Polish music in Ireland. In the united Europe we should know a few names, pieces and phenomena which exist in our "neighbouring country" and we shouldn't confine to beautiful Celtic music or great Irish writers like Joyce or Beckett, but we should "open ears and minds" to new music from "Green Island". All the more it is crucial and justified that many Irish composers gained international respect and many compositions can be perceived as very original.
- Artur Kroschel, artistic director of the Sepia Ensemble